The axiom seminar was born out of the necessity to protect the principles of chiropractic in Europe and to build a culture of excellence in our profession. I envision a movement that brings WIDTH and DEPTH to the profession, to bring about lasting change.

What is the "WHY"?

Our vision is to advance and protect the principles of chiropractic

Profits are donated to those schools and organiztions who help forward this mission around the globe

Join us in creating the largest chiropractic gathering in Europe

Jonathan Verderame graduated from Palmer college in 2012. He is the author of The Straight Chiropractic Textbook, winner of the Outstanding Graduate award, finalist for the Virgil Strang Philosophy award and currently operates 5 clinics globally.

His mission is to alleviate and enlighten a failed paradigm of treating sickness instead of increasing human potential. He seeks to advance the forgoing of chiropractic internationally by joining together a community of chiropractors, students and organisations that will elevate the philosophy, science and art of chiropractic globally.

Founder of Axiom Jonathan Verderame DC